{Metallic Modesty}

Modest clothing and Islamic clothing at Precious Modesty.Shiny fashion is in this season. From liquid-looking tights to sequined dresses, it's all about the glitz. Take a look at this lovely metallic jacket by Kensie. The rounded-collar, big buttons, and baby-doll shape are so sweet on this one. Perfect to pair with a long skirt or a sleek black abaya.

Click for the Kensie Metallic Rounded-Collar Jacket

{Muslim Fashion on The Today's Show}

This is a 5 part video clip of a newspiece on Muslim women and fashion. I love what one of the sisters in the last video said: "...When you have a well put together appearance, it adds to being a good Muslim." I completely agree!

{Islamic Clothing Fashion Writer}

So, some of you know that I have been asked to write fashion articles for the Islamic Insights newspaper (yay!). My first article is online now. Click here to read it and please give me a 5 rating. :)

Oh! One more thing... So you know that I have completed the first phase of my website SheModesty.com, but I also have another trademark name which is ShopModesty. Which one do you ladies like the best? I'm thinking that "Shop Modesty" is harder to enunciate because of the P going into the M. But then "She Modesty" is maybe harder to remember?

Please answer the poll in the sidebar and let me know what you think. Feel free to leave comments as well for more detailed answers. Thanks ladies!


{Things That I Want}

So this week I purchased a skirt, but I must admit that I need a few more things in my life...

I don't want to post the pictures, but I really want
this shirt and/or this one to layer with a tee.

I have also been eyeing the following shiny, lovely things:
Modest Clothing and Shoes
Modest Clothing and Bags
Modest Clothing and Shoes

One sweet day...

{New Hijab Styles}

Sisters are always looking for new ways of how to wear hijab. Hijab Fashion Magazine features two new styles in every issue. Here's one that was featured in a previous issue...

How To Wear Hijab Pictures - New Hijab Styles - New ways to wear hijab

{Islamic Clothing - Playful Elegance}

Islamic clothing at Precious Modesty

Khaleji Abaya 2207516, $53.19
Sterling Silver Black Rose Pave CZ Cocktail Ring, $94
Evening Bag - Ivy, $42.99
AK Anne Klein Baguette Black Pumps, $59.99

{Shukr's On Sale}

Islamic clothing by Shukr.comGood news for those of you who wait for a huge sale to shop at Shukr. They've marked things way down to as much as 70% off. The skirt here is $54.95 - down $20. So check them out, you may see something that you like.

{Article - On Faith, Fashion, and...}

I found this really interesting story written by a sister from Artizara. Here is a small excerpt...

"What does a modest dressing woman stand for? Regardless of faith, she stands for the belief that a woman should be appreciated for her intellect and not valued for the shape of her body. In electing to cover herself, she is not oppressed: She is empowered. She challenges people around her to look past her exterior, to the strength and beauty that lies within. To me this notion transcends geography, religion and culture."

Click here for the full story.

{New Long Skirts}

Just wanted to update you all that Soft Surroundings has add new long skirts to their collection for Fall. Check them out below.

Shop SoftSurroundings.com

{Modest Clohing - Fall Trends}

This modest long skirt combines 3 popular trends for the upcoming Fall season. - The Equestrian trend, the Plaid trend, and the Purple trend. The Tall version of this skirt is 39" long (yay!!) and it comes in solid and plaid colors.

Tall Washable Riding Skirt
$14.99-$24.99 at Chadwicks

{ Mona Hijabs aka Al-Kuwaiti }

In case you've never heard of the Mona Hijab (aka Kuwaiti Style), it is a one piece style that makes it so easy to create a chic hijab look. You've probably seen the Al-Amira style scarf before. Personally, I don't like that style because the tight knit fabric around my face doesn't suit me well.

If you want to see just how easy it is to put on the Mona style hijab, check out the video below. I've also included some really pretty Mona hijabs that you can check out right now on Ebay.

{New Islamic Clothing Store}

Ok, so I've been working really hard on my new Islamic Clothing website. I'm really excited about it because it's actually the first website that I've built from scratch. Inshallah it will evolve over time, but for now it is just a modest clothing and Islamic clothing shopping website.

Click here to visit the shop and please let me know what you think ladies. More fashion coming Monday...

{Modest Clothing Directory}

A lot of you have been writing me asking for a comprehensive list of Islamic clothing and modest clothes. I'd like to point you to Sister Dara's modest clothing directory, ModestClothes.com.

She lists everything by category which will make it really easy for you to find whatever you're looking for inshallah. Hope this helps and as always, feel free to contact me if you need anything.

{Fall Modest Clothing Preview}

Modest Clothing at Amazon, Islamic Clothing written by Precious ModestyThis Pink Plaid Boucle Jacket is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe for the upcoming Fall season. It's feminine and trendy with the plaid fabric, and at almost knee length, this jacket will provide great coverage over pants and even jeans.

Whether you like it for work or play, at $19.99, this jacket is definitely a steal. Click here for details...

{Islamic Clothing Sale at Jelbab}

The Islamic Clothing company Jelbab is having a great sale right now. Abayas are 30% off and the shipping is FREE... The sale ends on July 31.

Just thought you should know!
Click to visit their Islamic Clothing boutique...

{Trendy Islamic Clothing Outfit}

This tunic-style Libertine shirtdress provides the perfect length for those of us who wear Islamic Clothing. Even the fabric is reminiscent of ethnic Islamic Clothing styles.

Stylish Islamic Clothing and modern Modest Clothing at Amazon. Muslim women and Muslimahs can wear Target's Libertine Fog Shirtdress.This really cute outfit will be fit for a Muslimah with a wider leg jean and a long sleeve tee under the shirtdress. Use a very thin, cool tee to avoid feeling hot & stuffy in your layers.

Click here for more on this Libertine Shirtdress...

{Modest Clothing at Wet Seal}

Modest Clothing and Islamic Clothing at Wet Seal. Layering Dress.

These plaid dresses are so adorable and would be lovely over a pair of dark jeans with a white jacket to top it off. Click here for details...

{Modest Clothing by Libertine}

Libertine has designed a special collection for Target and I am glad to announce that they have included this trench coat in their Outerwear section. I love it and I NEED to get it.
Modest Clothing and Islamic Clothing at Target.com
From the looks of it (and from the reviews), if you buy this jacket, you should order one size larger than normal for the proper fit. Click here for details...

{Some Fabrics Just Don't Work}

This is somewhat of a plea to Islamic clothing companies...

Some fabrics just do not work for Islamic clothing. Namely Jersey and French Terry fabrics. These two fabrics are known for their clingy nature and their tendency to show off the shape of a person's body (including any bulges, lumps, and bumps - very unflattering!).

I appreciate it that some of the Islamic Clothing designers are trying to keep up with fashion trends, but the Jersey trend is just not cutting it for us. Every time you walk, or move, your thigh will stick out... no matter how wide the garment is cut - TRUST ME! And just zoom in on this
french terry abaya... Tight and clingy looking right? For Islamic Clothing, woven is better... I hope someone is listening. :o)

{Islamic Design House}

I know that a lot of you have taken a look at Islamic Design House's website by now and I'm curious to know what you think about their designs.

It appears that they are not actually a design house, rather, they sell designs created by Silk Route Clothing. This one is my favorite design although it's not new at all - Silk Route has actually been selling it to different stores for some time now.

Anywho, I am a little underwhelmed at the rest of their jilbabs. A name like "Islamic Design House" makes me picture refined, sophisticated and chic styles and some of their offerings do not live up to that ideal... But what do you think?? Comment on it inshallah.

{You Heard It Here First}

Islamic Design House has been my homepage for months now and I am so glad that they finally launched their website today! Check them out and let me know what you think. More tomorrow...

{Modest Clothing at Gap}

I'm so excited about Gap's new wide leg pants. They have dressy-casual khaki's, pinstripes for work and basic black slacks... All must haves for a wardrobe of modest clothing. Click here to visit Gap.com

{Trendy Modest Clothing - Geometric}

Geometric shapes are really big right now. You'll find them on dresses, shoes, handbags, and even jewelry. Here are a few geometric print modest clothing items (and shoes) that we like:

Layering Dresses...
Modest Clothing at Amazon: Tempted Geometric-Print Faux Wrap Dress, $34.30
Modest Clothing at Amazon: Tempted Geometric-Print Jumper, $32.30
Modest Clothing at Amazon: Wishes Wishes Wishes Mod Geometric-Print Dress, $30

oh...DEER! Women's Cher Peep Toe Wedge, $95.99-$99.95
Miu Miu by Prada Sandals Platform Espadrilles Signature Geometric Print Shoes- OnlyMomda, $465
LUCIDA Black Fuschia Flats - Jade Boutique, $18.99
Click on a pic for more info...

{Modest Clothing Fashion Spread}

The modest clothing fashion spread in the current issue of Muslim Girl Magazine features colorful trapeze dresses layered with bright bottoms and accessories. Here's a more grown-up version of MGM's modest clothing style... Complete the look with a black scarf and red bag.
Modest Clothing outfit: Ella  Moss Black Label Margot Dress, Habitual Icon Side Zip Wide Leg Jean, Pedro Garcia Rita Platform Wedge
Click for Ella Moss Black Label Margot Dress

Click for Pedro Garcia Rita Platform Wedge

Click for Habitual Icon Side Zip Wide Leg Jean

{Modest Clothing Deals}

Modest clothing at Alloy: Satin Belt Sweater Coat, $14.99
We all know that Spring and Summer are not the best seasons for modest clothing. But one good thing about them, is that you can always find great deals on modest clothing to wear in the Fall and Winter.

When shopping the sales, the key is to buy clothing that is not only modest in fit, but also modest in style. Super-trendy items from last season may be passe the next time around. So stick with classic modest clothing items like these
sweater coats which will never go out of style.

Click for more info on these $15 sweaters...

{Designer Islamic Clothing}

Saouli is an Islamic clothing design company based in Brussels. The company focuses on modest style for modern women. Their designs range from traditional style Islamic clothing like abayas to modest clothing designs that suit Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Saouli launched their designs in 2000 with door-to-door sales! Now they have 2 flagship stores and they are featured in Islamic clothing fashion shows all over Europe.

Islamic clothing designed by Saouli
Islamic clothing designed by Saouli
Islamic clothing designed by Saouli
Click here for more Saouli style...

{Modest Clothing at Macy's}

Macy's is having a big 4th of July sale. Here are a few modest clothing pieces that we found in the Juniors dept.

Modest clothing at Macy's: American Rag Long-Sleeve Shirt with Lace Insets, $21.93 This essential top is perfect to wear with all your long skirts.

Modest clothing at Macy's: Yank High-Waist Wide-Leg Pant, $22.12 Wide-leg pants like these are also modest clothing essentials. They're good for work or dressing up.

Modest clothing at Macy's: Wishes Wishes Wishes Animal-Print Wrap Dress, $36.75A dress like this makes for a cute going-out outfit when paired with a black long sleeve tee and trousers.

Modest clothing at Macy's: Wishes Wishes Wishes Square-Neck Babydoll Dress, $33.60This cute trapeze dress would look great with a white tee, jeans, and platform wedges.

Click here to visit
Macy's for details...

{Modest Clothing on The Runway}

If this dress had long sleeves, it would be a jilbab right? But would you wear it?

Photo: Style.com