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The site could be up sooner than that, but I don't want you to keep checking everyday when there's nothing there. (I know your time is precious.) If you want,  you can add your email address to my newsletter list and I'll let you know when the new site is up and ready to go. The newsletter sign up form is at the top of the sidebar (see the yellow text).

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Picture of Spiegel shrug that works with hijab and islamic clothing. Today's find is this cute little shrug at Speigel.com. Why do I like it?

1. The fabric. - It's a linen and viscose (fine rayon) blend which makes it lightweight and comfortable to wear all spring and summer long.

2. It has a twisted effect at the sleeve cuffs and hem which give it a unique flair.

3. The colors. - I love gray and pink, and this shrug is available in both colors.

This really is a perfect little layering piece and you can check out last week's Hijab Q and A to see an example of how I'd style it.

Shopping Details:
Twist Detail Shrug: Speigel, $89


Picture of a woman wearing hijab with see through clothing.

This picture comes from a fashion show that was held in Malaysia in 2007. Although this picture is about a year old, the outfit that it showcases falls right in line with a fashion trend for Spring 2008, transparent clothing.

Why is this a Hijab Don't? One of the aspects of hijab (in terms of Muslim women's clothing in general), is that the clothes shouldn't show off the shape of your body. I think it's pretty obvious that we can see the shape of the model's legs here. A better option would be to wear an a-line skirt under the sheer dress and a long sleeve tee for arm coverage.


Picture of a hijab find. Maxi dresses at Old Navy
If you're looking for some affordable maxi dresses to layer with long-sleeve tops, jackets, and cardigans, check out the maxi tube dresses above. Both styles are available in a few different colors and they're all under $30 each.

Just a little fyi, the hawaiian print dress is done in a jersey fabric and so it will show all your curves (and lumps and bumps). If you still choose to buy it, you'll want to wear it over structured pants (like jeans) or wear it with a structured jacket that's long enough to conceal your curves.

Hawaiian Print Maxi Tube Dress, $29.50
Swirl Print Maxi Tube Dress, $25


We Love Hijab's Modesty Makeover featuring Gisele Bundchen in a plaid jacket, dark jeans, tall brown boots and brown bag
I really like this look. In the pic, Gisele is wearing a glen plain bomber jacket, dark skinny jeans tucked into tall boots, and a matching bag. To make it modest, I choose a babydoll style trench jacket, wide leg jeans, and a cream-colored pashmina for the hijab. Tip: Tucking jeans into your boots is a "hijab don't" because it exposes the shape of your leg... so wear the jeans long - which is more chic anyway in my opinion.

Plaid Trench Coat: Karlie, $99
Wide Leg Jeans: ON, $16.49
River Bend Boot, Tribeca, $69.95
Patchwork Leather Murana Bag: Hype, $137.99
Pashmina Hijab: Peach Couture, $9.95


An Islamic Clothing collage by We Love Hijab
While putting together the latest Modesty On The Runway collage, I decided to try and find some hijab-ready citrusy clothes. I was so excited to find the dress above. Isn't it beautiful?

They're calling this dress a shift dress, but I don't think that's a good description because shift dresses are typically more formfitting and they're not appropriate for us hijab-wearing girls. This dress however, does flare at the bottom and so it's very modest and appropriate for us to wear.

Because I love it so much (although I don't love the $295 price tag), I created two different options for how to wear it. One is a more subtle look with gray slacks and a gray hijab. The other is a little more unexpected because it includes pinstriped pants and a floral hijab. Either way, you gotta love this dress!

Here are the links:
Satin Shift Dress: DKNY, $295
Floral Hijab: Gucci*, $??
Pinstripe Essential Trousers: ON, $26.50
Jewel Box Wide Leg Pant: Nine West, $42
T-Strap Pumps: Endless, $39.95 - FYI: free overnight shipping!


We Love Hijab presents this hijab and modest clothing on the runway feature.
This trend really isn't about hijab or modesty because it's all about the colors. Grapefruit, lemon, lime - anything citrusy will do.

Sometimes, people are afraid to wear really bright colors because they don't know how to work them into their wardrobes. A good rule of thumb is that if the pieces are relatively small, you could do more than one in a bright color. For example, you could wear a bright hijab and a matching bag or shoe.

Alternatively, you could do one large citrusy piece and pair it with neutral colors. And I also love the idea of wearing a black abaya and popping it with a citrus colored hijab. What do you think?

(collage created using images from style)


Yay! More than one Hijab Approved™ sale! This one is for Silhouettes which sells a lot of very hijab friendly clothing in plus sizes.

We Love Hijab is a hijab fashion magazine and islamic clothing blog for Muslim women.One piece that I love is this very necessary Poplin Big Shirt.

Perfect for work with wide leg pants or even a skirt. And it comes in so many colors! I am not exactly plus-size but I think I'll be ordering the XL just to see how it fits.

A long time ago, we were talking about the fact that when I find something that is a really good hijab-friendly piece, I'll buy it in every color. This top is a great example of that because it's really affordable -under $30 or under $25 if you buy at least 2 - and it's so versatile. You can wear it with jeans, pants, skirts, even fancy dresses a la Sharon Stone.



Ok, this sale at Chadwicks is crazy good...

You can check out this link for some of the things that I love at Chadwicks right now: HIJAB APPROVED : CHADWICK'S


Thanks to Riya and Ayesha for the tip! The video above is part 2 of the how to wear hijab feature on City Sisters called "Hijab Trials". If you missed part 1, you can check out this link: HIJAB : CITY SISTERS STYLE. Enjoy!


What do you all think about this?


Islamic clothing and hijab for formal occassions

A few readers have been writing in asking about what you can wear for occasions like weddings and proms. And the look above is my answer.

This look will work for practically any dressy occasion that you have to go to. It features a beautiful full gown, a wrap-sweater (left open for coverage) and matching accessories. The pieces that I used for this collage are actually pretty expensive because they are all designer pieces, but with a little digging, you can find similar styles at any price range. What do you think?


Hijab-ready clothing on the fashion runways
I will forever be a fan of beautiful long dresses and this season the focus is on vibrant colors and bold prints. The only thing missing on these gorgeous gowns is of course the upper-body coverage. But that's easily fixed with a cardigan, blazer, wrap sweater or shrug. What do you think?

(collage created using images from style)


This is the first installment of my coverage of spring fashion trends. What I love about these safari suits is that they are all about being covered up. In the looks featured above, you can see that the safari suit trend can be anything from playful to elegant to understated.

However you wear them, I'd suggest that you go for a longer jacket to provide the proper coverage and I'd also go for a wider leg pant than those featured on the models above. And don't forget about the accessories. A little animal print - maybe a leopard print hijab - can really tie it all together. What do you think?

(collage created using images from style)


Young Muslim women and Muslimahs wearing modern hijab and clothing. An older sister wearing a long khimar hijab and  an abaya - all in black.
Modern vs. Traditional. In terms of how these Muslim women are dressed, it would seem apparent that the younger sisters are more modern with their hijab than the older sister dressed in black. But, some might say that the idea that you must wear only black is not a traditional rule of hijab and that the one who wears all black is more modern (i.e. newer) than the ones who do not. Any thoughts?


Image of Girls in Hijab
If a picture can speak a thousand words, what story does this one tell?


I just got the new Chadwick's catalog in the mail and here are some of my Hijab Approved™ favorites:

Hijab and islamic clothing for muslim women.
Hollywood Glamour Dress, $39. I love all the juicy colors that this dress comes in. Wearing options include dress pants and a short blazer for a classic look OR jeans and a long-sleeve tee for a more eclectic style. I'd probably do a silky hijab with this one to compliment the fabric of the dress.

We Love Hijab displays Islamic and modest clothes for Muslim women in the US.
Wide-Leg Trouser, $29. These are essential to any hijab conscious wardrobe - especially if you're a working girl. Of course they're great with shirt-dresses and long tops, but you can also wear them under abayas for extra leg coverage... Please don't wear jeans with a nice abaya! - No offense.

If you love hijab, check out our site!
Bell Sleeve Blazer, $59.99. You probably know this by now, but I just love these type of jackets with abayas. It's just a really modern way to accessorize Our Little Black Dress.

Muslim women love hijab and I love this coat!
Safari Trench Coat, $59.99. Spring trends always include safari style, but unfortunately, a lot of the safari-inspired pieces are too short or too tight for Muslim women to wear. This trench coat is a perfect alternative to the not-so-hijab-approved styles.


Pic of a pashmina hijab with black and multi-colored stripes
Remember how a few months ago we were trying to find these striped pashmina hijabs online? Well consider them found! I think these scarves are so pretty and they're about $12.
//Click here to shop for them.


Hijab and maybe Muslim women on Project Runway
Thanks to Erica for this tip! How fabulous is it that this look was featured in one of the finale collections on Project Runway? The only things that I'd change are: I'd lose the belt because accentuating the waist like that is a Hijab Don't. Then, I'd replace the belt with a red clutch and add a nice wide leg pant... What do you think?


Pic to accompany post titled Hijab and Marriage

“Our lingering problem, however, was the difference in how religious we each were; he hadn’t planned on marrying someone who wore the traditional head scarf, my hijab. His ideal woman was less strict, more secular. He wasn’t comfortable with people who wore their belief on their sleeves, or in my case, on my head...

To me, the scarf is more than a piece of fabric — it’s a way of life. Winter sales become summer fashions, providing the long, loose and layered look we can’t find in warmer months. Drab department store dressing rooms turn into prayer sanctuaries. Friday nights are for movies and restaurants, not drinking and going clubbing. On my wedding night, going topless would mean unpinning my scarf and letting it fall down.

In order to get him over his hesitation, I planned our dates to take place in very public places. We played miniature golf, ate out at restaurants and went blueberry picking. I looked at his objection as a challenge, a project. I wanted to convince him that even though I did stand out with my hijab, it didn’t matter because no one really took notice of the scarf after the first glance.

And I had my own doubts, though I was afraid to admit them: namely, why should I push forward with this when we weren’t aligned in terms of our faith? How could we be a good match if he didn’t approve of my hijab? Would I have to change? Should I?.....”
//Click to read the full article.


extreme hijab
This picture is just wrong on so many levels! The hijab itself is fashioned out of a cashmere sweater... And I'm not even going to get into the makeup and accessories. Something like this would be interesting for a women's-only fashion show, but it's way too much for anything else. Any thoughts?


Tesettur 100% silk hijab by Armine
I came across this site called Hijab Planet which sells 100% silk Tesettur-style hijabs. They are so pretty and I know a lot of you were looking for them, so inshallah Hijab Planet will be a nice resource for you. Click here to visit the site.

Many -if not all- of the styles are from a company called Armine. You can check out their website by
clicking here.


Asalamualaykum ladies!

Did you catch Muslimah Dilemma? I was so excited to be on but I was nervous because I'm not much of a public speaker (which was probably evident... lol). Mashallah, all of the sisters involved were really nice and it was a great experience.

So what did you think of the show?



I'm so excited because inshallah, I will be one of the guests on today's Muslimah Dilemma show! You can watch it at IslamChannel.tv today (Sunday, March 2) at 2p.m. eastern standard time. Please check it out!

Also, the new version of www.welovehijab.com should be available later on this week, inshallah. And at that time you will be able to purchase a copy of We Love Hijab - the only digital fashion magazine for Muslim women!

More fashion tomorrow!