Plus size clothing for Muslim women
I just got an email from Lane Bryant letting me know about some of their new spring styles. I think these shirtdresses are lovely and easy to wear with anything from wide leg pants and a cardigan, to jeans and a crisp blazer... Of course a nice hijab is in order to cover up the "girls".

Here is the link to the sale that I promised you:
Save 20% sitewide at Lane Bryant on our new spring arrivals.Use promo code 000209786. Exclusions apply. Valid 28-Feb-08 through 6-Mar-08.


Hijab Du Jour
Today, I'm really interested in these pretty maxi dresses from Mango. Throw on a lightweight blazer and you're good to go!
Click here for more info.


I know. I know. "That's not hijab!"
But aren't these strange? And maybe a little scary even?
Anything in the name of fashion I guess.
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I found these cute little hoodies about 2 months ago, but the link to them got lost in my hundreds of favorites. Luckily, they're still available. It's just too bad that the $200+ price tag hasn't budged. I guess I'll be on the lookout for alternatives.
//Check them out at Tobi.


long skirts
Q: I'm not really tall but I'm having a hard time finding long skirts. Help?

A: I have never ordered from Yoox, but they have a really nice variety of long skirts. Regular prices range from $50 to upwards of $350 so I'm sure you can find something to match your style and budget. Hope this helps!



Purple and Paisley are two of my favorite things, so this cashmere hijab is perfect for me. This style is actually pretty big in terms of size, so I think it would work best with an abaya. Wearing it over a jacket or even a shirt and pants might be a little bulky.
this link for more info.


Sleeve-style Gloves at
For some reason, I'm not really into those little arm sleeves that you can get at Islamic clothing stores. Maybe they just remind me of stockings too much. Today I found a stylish alternative in these fingerless long gloves that would make for great arm coverage. Imagine wearing a pair with a cropped jacket, long skirt, and boots. Would you wear it?
//Visit for more.


I just learned about this show on Islam Channel called City Sisters and I am so upset that I missed the entire first season of the show! I'm hoping for reruns to start coming on.

In the meantime, I did find this How To Wear Hijab clip from one of the City Sisters shows. Check it out:


If you had to write a caption for this image, what would it say?

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This is such a simple outfit, but I think it's really chic. You have an abaya, a lovely silk hijab, and classic patent pumps. I'd wear this one to work or anywhere!


Black Chiffon Scarf: Wrapables, $24.95
Similar Abaya: IB, $30
Patent Leather Pumps: Gucci, $495


On yesterday's "Muslimah Dilemma" show, the topic was about this new policy in England which states that medical professionals must roll their sleeves up to their elbows while working with patients. The new policy is being dubbed "Bare Below The Elbows" and the supposed purpose of this policy is to "stop the spread of deadly superbugs [germs]."

When the show first started, I thought to myself that at least this policy wasn't enacted
just to make things hard for Muslim women. But the huge impact that it is having on us, is undeniable.

Our hijabi sisters who choose Islam over the new policy are having a hard time. They are being suspended from their jobs. They are being forced out of medical school. And what's more is that the media is now spreading this ridiculous notion that Muslims - who wash their arms at least 5 times a day for wudhu - are not hygienic! (See the article: "
Female Muslim Medics 'Disobey Hygiene Rules'" for more on that ridiculousness.)

One of the sisters on the show was an ultrasound technician who was actually suspended from work for several weeks because she would not roll up her sleeves. While she was out of work, she was able to compile evidence that proves that covering the arms is
better than exposing them when it comes to stopping the spread of germs. Alhamdulillah, she was able to get her job back AND keep her sleeves down.

It is evident that this new "Bare Below The Elbows" policy was enacted so that hospitals can
seem to be more clean in the eyes of the public. Yes, that's right! It's about perception and there is no actual data that proves that rolling up your sleeves stops the spread of germs.

The other guests on Muslimah Dilemma implored Muslimahs in the medical field to stick to Islamic guidelines without compromising. I agree that that's what they should do because in every situation, pleasing Allah is better than complying with meritless policies.

Pray, educate yourself so that you can tactfully stand up for your rights, and be patient. This too shall pass, inshallah.

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Salam lovelies!

If any of you are (or know of) a graphic artist/designer. Please contact me because I need a few icons created. What I need are like 7-10 Myspace icons created and I need them done really soon, so please get back to me if you know anyone.

Thanks so much! More fashion later, inshallah.



The fashions coming up for Spring are going to be filled with citrusy colors like yellow, orange, and lime. The look below features a celeb wearing a lemony yellow cardigan with a graphic white tee, skinny pants and chunky striped wedges.

This look is a great example of how to add color to your wardrobe. Black and white is always a chic color combo, but when you add a pop of color with a bright hijab or another accessory, you'll get a look that has an extra hint of style to it.

Check out my Hijab Makeover below: (And by the way, I'd wear a black scarf with this one).

Hijab Makeover by We Love Hijab

Now, you'll notice that my outfit is a little more refined than the original, but that's for a few reasons.

1. I had to replace the casual skinny pants with wide leg pants that are less casual by nature.
2. For modesty's sake, I replaced the fitted graphic tee with an airy sleeveless dress.
3. I couldn't find the striped wedges and even if I could, I know that I would probably never wear them. So, I chose a cute little zebra print pair.

Here are the links:
Embroidered Babydoll Dress: Abercrombie & Fitch, $79.50
Summerweight Cashmere Cardigan: J. Crew, $158
Zebra Printed Peep-toe Mary janes: J. Crew, $199.99
Pants: HM, $??


You may have noticed the new URL for this blog. Don't worry, you can still access the blog by typing OR you can use the new URL which is

I'll explain more about why I changed it later, but this is just a little FYI. :o)



Yesterday's Oprah show was all about shlumpadinkas. According to Oprah, a shlumpadinka is "a woman who dresses like she has completely given up…and it shows." She runs around outside in her pajamas and wears her husband's sweats on a regular basis.

On the show, she had celebrity stylist
Lloyd Boston doing all the makeovers. A lot of the outfits were very modest and I really liked most of them. So over the next few days, I'm going to hijabify some of the looks that Lloyd Boston put together.

Makeover #1:

Image by:

Here's my version:

For my version, I used a modern trench from Delia's and then finished off the look with a white hijab and gold bangles. To shop for anything in the picture, click the links below:


Asalamualaykum ladies!

I hope everyone's doing well. :o)

It's been a really busy week for me. Some good things have happened and some not-so-good things have happened. But, Allah knows best so I'm taking it all in stride.

First the not-so-good news. So, back in December, I hired a company to revamp to allow for readers to log in and view the magazine (we all know it's an online mag by now right?). I was told that the job would take 2 weeks. Well, it's now the end of February and they told me that about 50% of the work was done.

Moving on, I found a new company and inshallah, the site will be done by March 5th. I'm really sorry to keep you all waiting so long for the magazine. I hope you will still support it when it comes out because it will still be Winter when the issue is uploaded to the new site inshallah. :o)

I also have a poll for you guys. I've been wondering about how people spell certain words. You know how our words are Arabic and so when you write them in English, it's just a transliteration and so there are many different ways of how people spell Arabic words in English. So, how do you spell the word "hijab"?


Wow! What do you ladies think about The Hijab Police?

{Inspired Style}

I'm definitely not a celeb-driven type of girl. But, I do find style inspiration in some of the things that they wear.

My first
modest clothing makeover featured Tyra Banks. This time, we're looking at Rihanna.

Why do I love this look? I'm a firm believer in the idea that clothes don't have to match, they just have to "go". So, although Rihanna's jeans, top, and hand bag aren't an obvious match, they make for a really stylish outfit when put together.

Here is the modest version of her look:

Muslim women magazine, hijab, islamic clothing, and more at
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{Islamic Clothing}

Here is a little video that I made yesterday... It took me ALL DAY to make it. I hope you like it!

I realize that some of the fonts don't show properly... But, hey, I never said I was a graphic artist. :o)

And over the jeans, it says: "Not all jeans are no-no's... Just the really tight ones!"

{It's Raining Cherries}

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{Turkey Lifts University Headscarf Ban}

Alhamdulillah! There is no more ban on wearing a headscarf to school in Turkey!

Click here to read the full article.

{One Muslim Woman Show}

Magazine Updates
So the magazine is still in production, sorry. :o) I'm working on so much right now and mashallah, I don't feel any pressure to get the mag out asap... I'll be happy as long as it's still cold outside when it comes out!

Please be patient with me... The photo-shoots are done and now it's all about putting it all together in a manner that's beautiful and interesting.

Oh, would any of you like to submit a photo and a quote for the magazine? Email me or post a comment for details (please include your email address in your comment so that I can reply to you privately... and don't worry, I won't post your email address on the blog).

Other News
I'm working on a free website for Muslim women and I'm looking for "articles" for it. Is there something that you're passionate about or that you would like to write about? -- Fashion, hijab, muslim women in general, islam in general, halal food -- anything?

I'm still figuring out the compensation aspect of it all (if and how much)... Feel free to make suggestions and if your interested, please email me for details.

What else?
I think that's all for now. Maybe I should start doing these end-of-the-week updates more often. :o) They're fun!! LOL.

As always, I thank you all so much for your comments and for supporting Her Modesty.

Email address: preciousmodesty (at)

{Casually Cute}

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{Feeling Regal}

Muslim Women's Hijab and Islamic Clothing Magazinehijab: bajra. dress: Nina Ricci.
H&M. ring:
a. mcqueen.

{Pretty Pictures}

Muslim women in pretty pictures.

If this is your photo, I'll remove it by request. :o)

{Covered Seduction}

I think that we all agree that Muslim women can wear pretty much whatever we want as long as it covers the appropriate body parts. But, I also think that modesty is more than just what you wear -- It's also about how you carry yourself.

I started thinking about this because lately, I've been seeing a lot of pictures of Muslim women in niqab who have heavy eyeliner and makeup on. In addition to the makeup, a lot of the Muslim women in the pictures are deliberately being seductive in how they "pose" their eyes.

To me, that just defeats the purpose of hijab. If you're trying to be modest so that you are hiding your beauty, why put on a seducing, "Stare Into My Eyes" face? (ANTM fans know that "smile with your eyes" thing.)

And then there are the pictures of Muslim women with their bodies posed in a sexy way. Take a look at the picture below and tell me what you think about all of this.

Islam and Muslim women in pictures.