{In The Pink}

Her Modesty is a Muslim women's magazine. In other words it's a Muslim fashion magazine (for Muslim women) and it features Islamic clothing that's trendy and stylish.coat: michael kors. jeans: acne. shoes: miu miu. bracelets: juicy couture. bags: bottega veneta.

{Skirt for Work}

Islamic clothing, modest clothing, muslim fashion, and islamic fashion are all words that hijabis use. What is a hijabi? It is a Muslim woman (usually) who wears hijab. But it also is spelled hegab, hijab, higab, and hejab.scarf: muslimbase. blazer: gianna's closet. tunic: old navy. skirt: tall and all. bracelet: ylang 23. bag: michael kors. pumps: vanity.

{Do You Call It Dating?}

Muslim relationships and Islamic relationships are dealt with in Muslim Magazines for women.This isn't related to fashion but it does fit into the scope of Her Modesty Magazine...

Growing up we used the word "courting" for dating and "intended" for fiancé. I'm not sure if these words are universal in the Islamic-American world... So If you don't call it "dating", what do you call it? And if you wouldn't call him your fiancé, what would you call him?

***Just a quick note: It's apparent that some of you think that in the above post, I was implying that Muslims are allowed to date in the sense that we can have boyfriends/girlfriends and all of that. But that's definitely not what I was saying at all. The question that I was trying to ask is that during the time period that you're getting to know a brother for the purpose of marriage, what do you call that period? I'm sure that most of you don't use the word "dating", so I was curious to know what word you use. In the same vein, I wanted to know what some of you call the man that you are planning to marry? Do you call him "The Brother That I'm Planning To Marry" or do you simply call him your "Fiancé"? I know some sisters who use that word and other's who do not. I'm sure that we all know that "dating" in the typical sense of the word is un-Islamic and that being alone with a man who is not your husband is forbidden. But the scope of this question isn't about any of that, so I'm sorry if it confused any of you... :)

{Pretty Pictures}

Whether you call it Islamic fashion, Muslim fashion, or just Islamic clothing, you can't deny that many abayas and hijabs are gorgeous like this one!
These are so lovely!

{Are You Modest No Matter What?}

If you wear hijab, you've probably been asked at some point: "Why do you wear that thing on your head?" The easy, short answer is that you do it for religious reasons, but what if you didn't have to dress modestly? Would you still dress the way that you do?

Me? I think that I would because I can't imagine going outside in a tank top & shorts, a mini-skirt, or a bikini! Maybe I'm biased from dressing this way all of my life, but what about you?

{So Sophisticated}

shirtdress: jcrew. pants: elie tahari. scarf: star scarves. boots: christian louboutin. bangles: mickey.

{Eid Elegance}

If you want to buy Islamic Clothing, shop for styles that are modern and modest. Clothing that is Islamic can also be chic and fashionable just like stylish hejab, hejabs, and hejabis!dress, clutch, pants: net-a-porter. scarf: the canadian muslim. bangles: french connection. shoes: roberto cavalli

{Muslim Fashion Don't}

I love Her Modesty's Muslim Fashion Magazine. I subscribe for Islamic Clothing, Islamic Fashion, and other Modern Modest clothing styles.I love the color combo on this one, but I think it's pretty clear why this outfit is a Muslim Fashion Don't.

{Islamic Fashion Festival 2006}

Don't you want to go next year?

{Easy Weekend Dressing}

shirtdress: fashion addicts. jeans: old navy. bag: cl by laundry. watch: payless. flats: maloles.

{Pretty Pictures}

I have been trying to figure out the source of these photos for a while and I finally figured it out! They are from a magazine called Bon Magazine. Unfortunately, it's not a Muslim fashion magazine... I guess they just ran an article on Islamic fashion or hijab styles. Not so excited about all the skin in the 3rd pic but aren't the scarves lovely though?

{Dhul-Hijjah 1, 1428}

Asalamualaykum my lovely readers!

You may have seen this floating around the web lately, but I wanted to post it here as well in case you haven't seen it. Today is the first day of Dhul-Hijjah and I hope you all will click here for information about the virtues of these blessed 10 days.

These are the best 10 days of the Islamic calendar and there is great benefit for acts of worship during this time even for those of us who are not making Hajj this year. Some of the important things to do this month include fasting on the 9th day of Dhul-Hijjah, dhikr, and repenting to Allah.

Please check out the full article for more details and I pray that we all receive as many blessings as possible during this auspicious time.


{Muslim Fashion Don't}


{Get The Look}

Shop the pages of Her Modesty's Muslim Fashion Magazine to buy Islamic clothing that is modern and chic.I'm not a huge fan of super-wide palazzo pants, but I think this look is really chic. You can buy the entire outfit at spiegel.com for about $150 or shop around to get the look for less.

{Pretty Pictures}

Muslim brides wearing hijab with wedding abayas and wedding dresses.
Click here for the article.

{Islamic Clothing Q&A}

I love islamic clothing styles that are modern and modest. I love Her Modesty's Islamic clothing and Muslim fashion magazine too!Q. How can I wear a skirt for work without looking too feminine?

A. What's so bad about looking feminine? :) To answer your question, "skirt" doesn't necessarily equal ultra-fem, especially when you add structured pieces to complete your outfit. I'd suggest wearing a nice jacket in a menswear inspired fabric like the tweed jacket above. Finish off the look with a structured bag and a simple hijab style for no-fuss modesty.

{Necessary Objects}

I love Islamic clothing and Muslim fashion magazines!With jeans or dress pants... And a jacket or undershirt, this pretty shirtdress is a wardrobe staple for modest women.