{Summer Tunics}

Nothing is more comfortable in the Summertime than a lightweight, breezy tunic. This linen shirt from Jelbab.com is a great option and it comes in several different colors, $32.99.

{Me and The Mosque}

The separation and invisibility of Muslim women in some communities really disturbs me and it is not called for in the Quraan and Hadith. Please watch this video, "Me & The Mosque: Women In Islam", by Zarqa Nawaz (creator of Little Mosque On the Prairie) about the status of the Muslimah in some North American mosques. Feel free to post comments/share your experiences.

{MSLM: Fashion Mag for Muslimahs}

MSLM is a new glossy fashion magazine for Muslim women. The magazine is based in the Netherlands and together with a showroom called MAMA, MSLM has put on an exhibit featuring modest clothes (well mostly). The clothes featured in the showroom are from H&M, dutch designer Mada Van Gaans, Italian clothier Al Quds, and others. The pieces which include: jeans, a lace catsuit (not very modest in my opinion) and a star-spangled headwrap showcased how Muslim women use "mainstream" clothing to define a brand new sense of Islamic modest style. Check out the video and links below for more info.

"A group of young fashion-minded women, mostly second generation Moslem clearly stands out in our society. MSLM shows the fashion of this group. Because these young women grew up in the Netherlands, because they are Dutch, their background creates a fashion-clash which results in new interesting forms and silhouettes for both Moslem and non-Moslem women. Designers are inspired and influenced by this, use elements of another culture or design custom-fit products. From traditional to trendy, from the Mid-East to the West." Source

Also check out:
MSLM - The burqua silhouette
France: Fusion Muslim Chic?

{Spring Fashion}

As any Muslimah knows, when it comes to modest clothes, layering comes with the territory. The pic below transforms this otherwise skimpy Derek Heart® dress into a fun and modest spring outfit.

I dressed the model in a cocoon-style cardigan with a brown underpinning for coverage and jeans.

Search "Derek Heart Catalina" @
Kohls for more info.

{apt. 9® Lace Dress}

Kohl's is having an awesome sale on some of their Spring clothes. This apt. 9® Lace Dress with Sash is one of their more modest clothing options because it provides nice length and fullness around the hips. It makes a great layering piece and with Kohl's buy 1 get 1 free sale, you can get this dress in 2 colors for just $25 each.

{Tesettur: Designer Islamic Clothes}

Tesettur is a Turkish term that describes designer modest clothing for Muslim women. Many of the styles consist of jackets and long skirt sets or long jackets with pants. One of my favorite Tesettur designers is Setrms.

Setrms designs hijabs and modest clothes that are casual like long denim jackets and more dressy/professional modest clothing like brocade skirt suits. At the Setrms website you can watch their fashion shows and look at their previous Islamic clothing collections. They do not offer online purchasing, but you can still ooh and ahh over their gorgeous modest designs.

{Hijab Fashion Magazine}

My sisterinlaw and I were just talking about this and I found it at 2hijab.

It is a fashion magazine all about hijab! The magazine is in Arabic but it claims to feature lots of pictures and new hijab styles in every issue. I think it is an awesome buy at $4.90 and inshallah I will be ordering this along with the abaya from the post below.

{Our Little Black Dress}

This is a Muslim woman's "little black dress"... Better known as the "Long Black Abaya". It's pretty easy to find an abaya that is overly-embellished, and too expensive. I love this black abaya because it is simple, plain, and provides the perfect canvas for all of your gorgeous printed hijabs, shaylas and other fashion accessories.

This modest dress is also just $30 (plus 10% off if you act quickly as I will inshallah). Stay tuned to see this
Long Black Abaya stylized.

{Virginia Tech Massacre}

I just wanted to post really quickly in reference to the Virginia Tech Massacre. It's just awful what happened and I am so sad for the victims and their loved ones. How can one person feel low enough to take so many lives and then take his own life? To anyone reading this, just remember how important it is to truly be a God-fearing person... Only God can hold us up in times like these. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon. Asalamualaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.

{Denim Jilbab}

This chic denim jilbab can also be worn as a jacket.

Click below for more details in this jilbab:


{Modest Prom Dresses}

This entry is all about modest dressing for your prom. It is probably easier than you think to find a modest prom outfit. When looking for a modest prom dress, look for details on the bottom of the dress as this is where you want the focus to be for modesty purposes (you don't want people staring at your beaded bust-line all night!).

Today's look comes from David's Bridal. This dress is very trendy with the all-over ruching details and the voluminous skirt on this dress makes for a very modest shape.

To cover your top half, purchase (or have someone make for you) a bolero jacket made of satin or some other dressy non-sheer fabric. Your hijab should cover the rest.

{Pierced Hijab?}

Now and then we all stand in front of the mirror playing with our scarves right? So one day I hooked a pair of earrings onto the scarf, but I never wore it out that way because I thought it might look silly. Funny that I found a pic of a sister wearing her scarf like that... What do you guys think of this look? I still kinda like it, though I don't think I could pull off the whole black-on-white layered look that she has going on.

Check out these funky styles too. (Samira: I just know you'll get a kick out of this)

{Just Gorgeous}

More breezy long skirts for you to love this season. This long skirt is so pretty and it looks even better in the brown/aqua colorway.


{Investment Pieces}

Sometimes, you have to pay more to get more and that's fine when you're buying items that are versatile and long-lasting. This skirt is a great example. Because it comes in basic colors, you can pop it with less expensive shirts, jackets, shoes and accessories to create different looks all Spring & Summer long.


{Wear My Hijab Day}

"It may be more visible than ever today at McMaster University, where a professor organized a Wear My Hijab day. Women, whether Muslim or not, were invited to wear a head scarf all day to show support for those who regularly wear it."
Read the full article here.

{Islamic Clothier Commercial}

Check out this commercial for Islamic clothing.

{Muslim Tees}

MuslimTees makes t-shirts with Islamic graphics on them. They are working on a tee for Muslim women and so far, they've come up with this. I think it's too short, but they are very open for Muslimahs to give their opinions. So why not tell them what you think?

{Donna Karan Headwraps}

Donna Karan's Fall 2007 RTW fashion show featured models in black headwraps. What will they "come up with" next?

{Tweed Skirt}

We're going into Spring and Summer so of course everything from last season is on sale. Here is a great tweed long skirt. It's 37" in length and it's just $29-$32 depending on the size.

Tweed skirt @ Amazon