{Shimmery Pinks and Blues}

This outfit would be perfect for an outing with the girls! Click on an item in the picture to shop for it. Enjoy!
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Click to buy this Turtleneck Dress.Click to buy these Wide Leg Jeans.Click to buy these Indian Glass Bangles.Click to buy these Nine West Goor Boots.Click to buy this Mauve and Silver Pashmina Scarf Hijab.

{Twelve By Twelve}

So everyone has been waiting to see what Forever 21's big sister "Twelve By Twelve" would have to offer. They launched the site this morning and I must say that I am a bit underwhelmed at the selection. - Maybe that's because I'm looking at the collections through "modest eyes".

There were a lot of mid-thigh-length dresses which are typically great for us to wear as tops. But from the pictures, it seems that the dresses are also a bit snug so they may not be so ideal. Anyhoo, here is one dress that I did find to be a great option for Hijabinistas:

Finally, there is this vintage-inspired animal print coat that caught my eye. What can I say? I have a thing for animal prints. I'm not so big on faux fur though so I'll have to pass this one up. It is cute though.

{Islamic Clothing Fashion Magazine}

Click here to buy Islamic clothing items that are modest and trendy.Salam ladies... I just wanted to invite you all to take a look at my new Islamic clothing fashion website, HerModesty.com.

Inshallah, my very own Islamic clothing line will be available in a few months, but for now, HerModesty.com will serve as a mini fashion magazine online for Muslimahs.

Please let me know what you think! And I'd also like to hear about things you'd like to see in my clothing line... So, let me know!



"Tarjay" has some really nice shirtdresses available right now. They're all long-sleeved and they appear to be the perfect balance of fit and fullness. Here's one example of how to wear them...
Affordable Islamic Clothing
P.S. This whole outfit comes in at just over $100! Click here to shop for it.

{What's New}

Kalian TunicShukr has just launched its Eid Collection which features feminine detailing like the embroidery on this Kalian Tunic. Very nice!


You may have seen the How To Wear Hijab Videos on YouTube by an Islamic Clothing shop called MuslimBase. MuslimBase's videos are pretty recognizable because instead of a Muslimah presenting the hijab style, a guy is the one doing the pinning.

Shop for Islamic Clothing here at Her ModestyAbout two weeks ago they shipped several lovely scarves to me. One style that they sent is a new scarf that I think is exclusive to them. It's called an Igal hijab and it features a braid at the front of the scarf and two ties at the back that secure the scarf on your head.

I must say that the Igal hijab is nothing new to me. My mother actually used to make us hijabs that included two ties at the back to secure the scarf instead of using pins. But, if you've never seen one, check out the video below. You can also
click here to see more hijabs at MuslimBase.com.

{Jumper Dresses}

Buy Islamic clothing at Her modestyI am loving all of the jumper dresses that are popular right now. This one from Old Navy is done in corduroy and it's actually much more trapeze-shaped than it appears to be. I have it in every color!

{Long Cardigans}

Whether you call them long cardigans, car-coats, or sweater-coats, you have to admit that these sweaters are lovely and luxe. Check them out at Nordstrom. You may get a case of Sticker Shock when you see the price tag on some of these, but they're still fun to look at...
Islamic Clothing and AccessoriesSweaters and Islamic Clothing are Modern
Grey Sweatercoats at Her Modesty's Islamic Clothing SiteI love Islamic Clothes

{Wild About Giraffe}

Spiegel Shirtdress18k Gold Over Sterling Silver MultibangleGap's Classic Boot Cut JeansSteve Madden Lezlie Peep Toe PumpMaxx New York Jane Flap Handbag
I just love this Giraffe pump, so I had to find a few pieces to go with it. The pumps also come in Zebra... Ooh the possibilities!

With an outfit made of neutral colors like this one, you can add style to it by wearing accessories that are printed (like the pumps) and shiny (like the bag and bangles). Enjoy!

{Ramadan Decorations}

There are always naysayers, right? So I'm sure that some will oppose to dressing up your home to celebrate Ramadan. I personally think that putting up a few Ramadan-esque decorations is a great way to psyche yourself up and it can even be a form of dawah when friends visit and ask "Hey, what's that?" :o) Check out these cute decorations at Jelbab.

Ramadan Decorations and Islamic Clothing for Muslims women
Decorations for Ramadan and Islamic Clothing for Muslim Americans
Pictures of Decorations for Ramadan and Islamic Clothing for Muslims

{Long Sleeve Tee}

Canadian Muslim has added a new layering piece to their collection. It's a long-sleeve V-neck tee and the price is cheaper than some of the ones you'll find at local shops. Click here to check it out.

{September Newsletter}

Salam ladies! I just wanted to ask you for your feedback on the September Newsletter that I emailed this weekend. I worked really hard on it to make it prettier than the first one (which was really sad looking...lol). Please comment on your thoughts about the new newsletter.

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{Q and A}

Q: Salaam alaikum I have a question about wearing long skirts. I dont know what kind of top I can wear as I have to make sure its long enough but too long a blouse looks bad on me with a skirt... What can I wear? Thanks! I think your blog is so cute!! Masha Allah! -Lisa

A: Salam! It is true that long skirts with super-long tops can look a little strange. What you want to look for are tops that hit at mid-thigh or even higher depending on how lose your skirt is. For a casual look, pair a mid-thigh length empire top with a long denim skirt and trendy booties. -Kima

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100% Cotton Fine Long Sleeve TeeLong Jean SkirtKimono Empire TopJessica Simpson Pami Bootie

{Islamic Clothing Tesettur-Style}

Modern Islamic Clothing

Setrms' new collection for Spring/Summer 2007 (in Turkey) is all about getting down to business in luxurious tesettur fashions. From the optic-white satin jilbab sets, to the skirt suits with red silky hijabs to match, Setrms' Crystal Reflections collection is gorgeous... If only it were available here in the States.

Click here to check out my new article about tesettur fashions at Islamic Insights.

{Wedding Wear}

Whether you're getting married or attending the wedding, this abaya is a lovely option. The lace details on the accessories add feminine character to a neutral palette. And a pretty KJY pearl ring finishes off the look.

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Chiffon AbayaLace Kuwaiti HijabHOBO International Astor ClutchKenneth Jay Lane Flower RingTribeca Women's French Twist Pump

{Still Here}

Salam ladies! Don't worry, I'm still here... School just started this week, so I'm just putting my schedule in order so that I have time for it all. Sorry for the delay, but more fabulous fashion is to come by tomorrow inshallah. :o)