{Sweater Tunic}

This Daisy Fuentes® Tie-Front Crewneck Sweater can be casual with jeans and boots or dressy with slacks and heels. For a loose fit, order a size or two larger than normal.

$17.60 @ Kohl's

{Hooded Jilbab}

I have never been into hooded jilbabs, but this one really caught my eye. It has sleek buttons and beautiful contrast embroidery on the lapel and cuffs. Again, you have a number of color options on this one and I think they are all lovely. This jilbab is truely unique. Product#: JS7101

{Beaded Shayla Hijab}

I think this beaded chiffon shayla would look gorgeous with the abaya below. Product#: SW6158

{Double-Sided Abaya}

This is a beautiful two-sided abaya. Each side is decorated with an embroidered embellishment and the abaya comes in a variety of colors.
To find, search product number: AS6144


Jumpers are a versatile way to update your wardrobe. They can be layered with tops, jackets, and cardigans and you can wear them over jeans and pants. Here are 2 options under $35.

{Belted Tunic}

This long sleeve belted tunic (sleeve is shown rolled up in pic) is only $14.99. It comes in 5 colors and at that price, you'll probably want to get more than one. To find this shirt, click on the photo and then go to "women's", then "shirts & blouses", and then "long sleeve".


This Varigated Lurex Voile Tunic Top is cute but you'd probably want to go up a size so that it won't be tight. It's on sale for $14 @ Rampage.com.


Jackets are an easy staple for any modest wardrobe. You can wear them with jeans or dress pants and shorter jackets can be worn with long skirts. Here are 3 that I found for under $30 each.

George ME - Women's Jacquard Jacket

George ME - Women's Sateen Jacket

George ME - Women's Plus Cotton Jacket

{Glitterati Ball Tall Skirt}

Purple plus gold plus length plus great price equals a gorgeous way to update your wardrobe for spring! This skirt will dress up any outfit. You can buy it at Soft Surroundings. {Search-word: "glitterati"}

{Modest Fit Tips}

Most long skirts come at a length of 36". So, if you're 5'6 (like me) or taller, you probably have a hard time finding skirts that are long enough.

What you'll want to do is look for skirts in a Tall option. Typically the length on a Tall long skirt will be between 37" and 40".

When shopping online, always check for measurements. To find the perfect skirt length for you, just measure the length of one of your skirts that fits you well. Or measure from your waist (or hip depending on where you want the skirt to sit), down to either the top of your foot or the floor. This should ensure that your skirt will be long enough with your shoes on.

...Meanwhile, take a look at this skirt from Torrid.com. Torrid sells trendy plus-size clothing. I'm showing this skirt because it is a full skirt and at 38" long, it gives the added length that some of us need.

Black Long Crinkle Skirt
You may also want to check out the Huge Savings at the Torrid.com Clearance section. They've got wide leg pants at $20 and lots of other great stuff... Enjoy!

{Tunics and Trenches}

This is a cute tunic. It has 3/4 sleeves (blah!), but when you're a hijabi, layering comes with the territory.

I'm also loving this trench coat!

Women's Canvas Trench Coat

{Cheap Beauty}

Whether you only wear it in the house, or everywhere you go, make-up is fun to play with.

Check out E.L.F. Cosmetics. Every single lipgloss, liner, powder, and brush costs just $1. And as if they had us Muslimahs in mind, they don't use any pork-by-products.

Right now, they're having a 25% off sale on predesigned kits and gift sets. Coupon Code: Presidents (Expires on Feb 19, 2007)

Elf Cosmetics

{Link opens a new window}

{Pretty Spring/Summer Skirt}

I love this skirt.

It's a long tiered peasant skirt with beaded accents and pretty embellishment on each tier.

{Article on Hijab}

I found this great post in a Myspace blog. It is an article in which a Muslimah talks about the benefits of hijab, how she modestly expresses her sense of style in public, and how she enjoys getting dolled up for her husband and family to enjoy...

'There is an Islamic saying, "God is Beautiful and He loves Beauty." As a Muslim woman, I am required to be beautiful, fresh and perfumed, but only for my husband, and especially at night in the privacy of the bedroom...I still straighten my hair...My husband, brothers and my girlfriends are the only ones who can peak under the scarf.'

In another excerpt, the hijabi talks about her love for fashion and how hijab can be a fun accessory.

'Ironically, wearing the hijab and adding layers of clothing has allowed me to express my creativity through fashion. I always buy fashion magazines to check out the latest styles. As a hijabi, I have incorporated my keen fashion sense into a kind of hijabi, Western-style dress.'

You can read the entire post
here. Enjoy!

{Couture Hijab?}

This niqab look walked the runway at London Fashion Week last Monday. The outfit was designed by Fashion East designer Louise Golden. Maybe she is making a statement against the British political campaigns to ban hijab.

A Fox News article reports that designers like Prada, and Marc Jacobs are also offering headcovers. Their turbans, made of luxe silks and satins, can cost upwards of $700 - and celebs like JLo are buying them.

I don't know how to feel about this couture hijab trend, but JLo has never looked so good!

{Purple Skirt}

This is such a pretty skirt! It's long and modest and I love the unique pinkish-purple color.

This skirt also comes in BLACK and MAROON and I think it would look great with a nice jacket or top...

...and some gold bangle bracelets.

{Precious Modesty}

Asalamualaykum! Welcome to Precious Modesty!

I am a 24 year old Muslimah. I wear hijab and as you know, it can be hard to find modest clothes. Some shops offer "modest clothing" online, but the clothes aren't modest enough for a Muslimah. What's so modest about something long and skin-tight?

When you do find Islamic modest clothes, sometimes the clothes are expensive or not very updated. Insha'Allah, here you will find affordable modest clothes for the Modern Traditional Muslimah!