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2hijab has a stylish new abaya that is really different. It's actually two pieces. A patterned sleeveless dress is the underpinning and the top layer is partially open to show off the dress.

Just imagine all the different looks you can create just by changing the underpinning. I can even see the top layer being used as a duster or jacket over jeans and a cami. So cute any way you wear it!

2hijab's double layer abaya, $58.90

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{To Love and Layer}

Neutral chevron-striped babydoll dress by Gap
Circle eyelet dress by Gap
Pleated cami dress by Gap

Available at Gap.com

{Islamic Clothing for Work}

Islamic clothing: White suit

Styling Islamic clothing for work can be a little tricky. You don't want to wear a glittery, shiny abaya because that's a bit much for the office. But you also can't fall back on long sleeve tees and denim skirts because they're a little too casual. So how can you build a wardrobe of Islamic clothing for work?

Here are 3 work-appropriate essentials:

1. A simple black abaya. I've said it before that a simple black abaya is the Muslim woman's little black dress. With so many different scarves, fabulous shoes, and colorful accessories, your abaya will take you through plenty of work days. You can style it a different way every day of the week.

2. A skirt suit. Finding a long skirt and matching jacket is not easy. So you'll need to piece your suit together. Shop for a black long skirt made in a nice gabardine. This is the same fabric that most skirt-suits are made of. If you can't find a jacket that perfectly matches the color of your skirt, go for contrasting colors like white, British tan, and even pink. Any fabric will do as long as the blazer looks neat and professional.

3. Next up, you'll need a pantsuit. Once again, you'll probably need to purchase the pants and jacket separately. Pants are easy to come by, so I'm sure you already have a great pair of work trousers. For the jacket, look for one that is knee length and made of a crisp, lightweight fabric.

I hope these tips will make dressing for a work a little easier for Islamic clothing fashionistas.

{Modest Clothing with Eyelet}

Modest Clothing by Anna Sui: Long Sleeve All-over Eyelet Dress, $532
Long Sleeve All-over Eyelet Dresses by Anna Sui

Eyelet is always trendy for Summer, but it doesn't come to mind when you think of modest clothing. It is sheer and most times the fabric has cut-outs. But when you layer it with other peices, eyelet can be just as wearable as any other modest clothing in your wardrobe.

Wear a blazer with these eyelet dresses for a sweet modest outfit:

Newport News: Eyelet Peasant Dress, $49-$54
Eyelet peasant dress

Modest Clothing by XOXO: Tiered Eyelet Maxi Dress, $72
XOXO Tiered Eyelet Maxi Dress

Nine West Dress: Mixed-Eyelet Cotton Tiered Dress, $169
Nine West Mixed-Eyelet Tiered Dress

Layer long sleeve tees (modest clothing essentials) with these tops and jackets for a fresh look:

Necessary Objects Eyelet Flutter-Sleeve Top, $33
Necessary Objects Eyelet Flutter-Sleeve Top

Modest Clothing by C&C California: Emily Eyelet Dress in White, $168
C&C California "Emily" Eyelet Dress

Fang Eyelet Cropped Trapeze Jacket, $44
Fang Eyelet Cropped Trapeze Jacket

6 Degrees Short-Sleeved Eyelet Jacket, $33.75
6 Degrees Short-Sleeved Eyelet Jacket

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Modest Clothing by Michael Kors: Michael Sunflower-Eyelet Bell-Sleeve Dress, $149.50
Michael Kors Sunflower-Eyelet Dress

{Modest Clothing Outfit: Lime Dots}

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Photo courtesy of Modesty Designs
There is a new clothing company called Modesty Designs. They custom-make abayas to your choice of design, fabric, and measurements. Now you don't have to live in Dubai to get a special dress.
Photo of courtesy of Modesty Designs
Photo courtesy of Modesty Designs

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{Modest By Design}

Maxi dresses will continue into Fall 2007. They'll be sold in Ready to Wear collections by Michael Kors, Derek Lam, and other designers. Hopefully chain stores will follow-up with less pricey options.
Michael Kors Fall 2007 RTW: Ivory White Belted Maxi Dress
Michael Kors Fall 2007 RTW: Gray Belted Maxi Dress
Derek Lam Fall 2007 RTW: Black Maxi Dress
Derek Lam Fall 2007 RTW: Dark Navy Blue Maxi Dress
Pictures: Style.com