{Hijab Q&A}

Her Modesty is a magazine for Muslim women. Whether you call it an Islamic fashion magazine or a Muslim fashion magazine, Muslim women will find Islamic clothing in it like shirtdresses.Q: Do you know where I can buy the tesettur scarves that you wrote about in the Muslim newspaper? I'm in the US.

A: You're basically just looking for some pretty silk scarves. A company called SilkCharm has a lot of nice styles. You can find them by doing a search for "silk square scarf" when you get to the website. Their scarves come in a few different shapes and sizes, so be sure to check the measurements before you buy one.

Here are a few of the prints that I like:

(Click on the pictures for more information.)

{Window Shopping}

A few things that I love right now at ShopBop:

Rachel Pally Mini Swing Dress, $58.20
They call it a Swing Dress. I call it an Almost Perfect T-shirt.

Sass & Bide Hulsey Glides High Waisted Wide Leg Jean, $150
A good pair of jeans to dress up or down.

Geren Ford Henley Dress, $102.90
One girl's mini dress is a modest girl's tunic. Nice with dark brown trousers.

Raven Tropical Tonal Stripe High Waisted Pant, $63.60
These would be great for work.

Rachel Pally Metallic Print Seamed Swing Dress, $61.50
Another pretty swing dress to wear with pants.

{Sunsilk Hijabi}

I love seeing Muslimahs doing unconventional (yet halal) things. So, when I saw this magazine ad for Sunsilk shampoo on CaribMuslimah's blog, I had to find out more about it.

I ended up finding this Malaysian TV commercial:

I love this commercial because I've never seen anything like it before. But I do have a few points:

1. Don't you love how they used the shampoo lather as her hijab in one of the shots? (lol...)

2. Is Sunsilk trying to imply that washing your hair gives you the confidence to flirt with boys? (Hmmmm...)

3. While I love the abundance of hijab in the commercial, I'm not feeling the lack of "gaze lowering". (tsk, tsk, tsk...)

What do you ladies think about it?

{Wear to Work}

If I had a 9 to 5, this is something that I might wear to work on Monday...

{The Price You Pay}

I've noticed that whenever I post a garment that's over a certain amount of money, I get comments and emails talking about how the garment is "too expensive". I used to think that everything should cost around 20 bucks or so and that anything higher than that was ridiculous. But then I started researching the garment industry in preparation for my own clothing line.

What I found was that sometimes a designer has to pay around $20 just to get the garment made. Of course to make a profit, you have to sell it at a higher price to your customer. I guess the moral of the story is that behind every denim skirt, there are fabric, thread, labels, and zippers to be purchased... And there are more than a few people (sometimes kids) working to put that skirt together.

If you're interested, you can check out the video below to see what happens when a clothing company is only concerned about the price you pay and not the price that is paid to the people who make what you wear.

{Denim Skirt by Request}

Riya wrote in asking if I could find a casual denim skirt that was a little different from the norm. So, I did a little digging and came across this pleated style at SoftSurroundings. It's $68 which is pretty reasonable and the Tall version is 39" long... Hope you like it Riya!

{Free Abayas!}

I've never seen an Islamic clothing store run a BOGO sale like this. Just about everything at Sajeda -- from abayas & tunics to hijabs & accessories -- is Buy One Get One Free!

Click here to check out their huge selection of items...

Here are a few of the styles that I like:

If you want to tell another Muslimah about this sale, click here to forward this post to her!

{Muslims In America Contest}

One Nation is running a contest wherein American Muslims submit short films for a chance to win $5,000. The voting period ends tonight, so if you're interested in seeing all of the films, be sure to visit the site and vote for your favorites. Here are some of the ones that feature a hijab theme:

Durrah and Amasa
by Fatima Ashaela Ibrahim

This film features two animated Muslimahs talking about hijab. It's an adorable little film and I hope to see more from this sister.

America's Next Top Muslim Model
by Safiyyah

You guessed it! This film is about a modeling competition... The filmmaker states that "This film breaks the stereotype of Muslim women being weak and oppressed." In all honesty, it's not that profound at all, but it's still amusing to watch. (Albeit immodest. Check out the poses!)

The Look
by Mahin Ibrahim

This film is about a young Muslimah who decides to wear hijab on the day that she gets interviewed for a coveted job. I think that there are a lot of Muslim women out there who don't wear hijab because they fear that they'll miss out on some career opportunities. My message to them is that nothing can hold you back from what Allah intends for you. So, wear your hijab and go for yours! :o)

Ms. Judgments
by Wajahat Ali

I think this film is a kitsch little reminder to Muslimahs that we shouldn't be so judgmental of each other's appearance.

Visit this link for more videos about hijab and as always comment with your thoughts.

{Denim Shirtdress}

Islamic fashion is fabulous.For some reason, Islamic clothing designers always seem to get it wrong when it comes to denim abayas and jilbabs. Either the color is off or there's too much going on in terms of embroidery and other embellishments.

This shirtdress is an example of something that I'd love to see as an abaya. It has a really clean style to it (no funky embroideries or anything) and because of the dark color, I think it would make a really modern and stylish abaya.

Until someone designs one, I guess I'll just have to stick with this shirtdress. And here are two ways that I'd style it:

{Striped Pashminas}

I love these colorful striped pashminas. It's funny but I never really wore pashminas until last year when I found a lot of pretty colors of them at Target. They didn't have any striped pashminas like the ones in the picture, but you can check out this link for similar styles.

The striped pashminas at the Hijab Store Online are not as colorful as these, so if you have any links to more colorful ones, please post them in the comments.

{New Islamic Clothing Line}

I just received an email from The Hijab Shop about their new collection of Islamic clothing called Afifah. The line consists of colorful tops, screen-printed skirts, and a few pairs of pants for good measure. Visit the Afifah section to see the rest of the line.

Islamic clothing, Islamic fashion, and Muslim fashion is what Her Modesty's Muslim fashion magazine is all about!

{Pretty Pictures}

Islamic clothing, Islamic fashion, modest clothing, and Muslim fashion magazines are what I love.
Love her hijabi-biker style!

{Islamic Clothing Q & A}

Her Modesty is a magazine for Muslim women. Whether you call it an Islamic fashion magazine or a Muslim fashion magazine, Muslim women will find Islamic clothing in it like shirtdresses.Q: I can never choose the right colors to wear with busy prints. Is there any easy way to figure it out?

A: The easiest thing to do with prints is to choose 2 or 3 colors from the print to complete your outfit. Use the most neutral color for the main pieces. Then, use one or two of the brighter colors for the accessories. Here, the brown is the most neutral color, so I chose a brown pant. You could also use the brown again for the hijab. Add green shoes that match the tone of the dress and a white bag to round out the look.

{Old Navy's Cinch-Waist Shirt}

For Islamic Fashion, visit Her Modesty's Muslim fashion magazine.Right now, Old Navy is selling a really great shirt style for Muslimahs. It's a long, button-front shirt with a cinched-in waist. Now, I know the word "cinched" doesn't usually equal modesty, but the belt can be completely loosened so that there is no cinching at all. The picture on the left, is not the exact shirt that I'm referring to, but I wanted to show you what the cinched-waist looks like.

For some reason, you can't buy the shirts online right now, but I strongly suggest that you head to your local Old Navy store to snatch up a few of these tops before they're gone. They come in 4 or 5 colors and cost about $30... Enjoy!

NOTE: By the way, in case any of you were confused about my "Do You Call It Dating?" post, please scroll down to read the message that I added to the post.