{Basic Black}

Inspired by Oprah's Basic Black episode from last week, here is an outfit that makes for office-ready Islamic clothing - all in Basic Black.

The Scarf:
I visited that Islamic clothing shop once too, but I didn't like what I purchased.

The Suit:
To buy Islamic clothing stores, look online for sales.

The Shoe:
I love shopping. Islamic clothing is easy to find online and it's super trendy!

Click on a pic to make a purchase.

{For Modesty's Sake}

Satiny-smooth charmeuse dresses and tops are everywhere this season. From expensive silks to affordable poly-blends, there really is something for everyone. But, to avoid a modest fashion faux pas, take notice of the following do & don't...

Shop here for modest clothing. Please don't try to layer up this odd-looking top to make it modest.

Buy modest clothing here too. Definitely do pair a silky dark dress with a knitted shrug and slacks for a sophisticated look.

{Hijabi Barbie}

An interesting little clip about an Indonesian sister's rendition of the Barbie doll...

{The Burkini}

In August, I covered Marie Claire's Burkini road test and today, I found a podcast about it. Check it out:

{Modesty on the Runway}

Buy modest clothing at Jokima Hamidullah's Islamic clothing store. She has modest clothing like long skirts, and muslim fashion magazines too. Her modest clothing store is the best!From Carolina Herrera's Fall 2007 Ready To Wear Collection: Feminine modest clothing items to love and layer...

I buy modest clothing online at Her Modesty. Kima lists trendy modest clothing and more Islamic clothing styles.
To find modest clothes, shop here. We have anything from Islamic clothing to modest clothing styles that you'd buy.
We love modest clothing too. It's fun to buy long skirts, abayas, long dresses and shirtdresses. They don't limit Islamic clothing girls.
Buy long skirts and other modest clothing at this store. Buy a modest clothing store if you want too. LOL! I just really like modest clothing and it's awesome I find.
Photo Source: Style

{HM's Muslim Fashion Magazine}

The new issue of our Muslim Fashion Magazine is finally up! Let me know what you think inshallah.


{Modest Clothing at Delia's}

If you missed out on the turtleneck dresses from Old Navy, check out this similar style at Delia's. I prefer the Old Navy dress because the style was a little cleaner, but this top is a nice option. Dress it up or wear it casual with jeans and flats or sneakers.

Modest clothing is easy to shop for online. You can also buy modest clothing in regular stores too. Just look for longer hemlines and you're sure to find modest clothes that suit you.

{New Hijab Styles}

Here's is another edition in our series of new hijab styles from the Hijab Fashion Magazine. Compared to the other styles that I posted, I think this one is the most flattering. Click here to see the others and tell us which one is your favorite?

I like Islamic clothing because its modern style appeals to me. I always wear hijab and abayas and I look for new ways of how to wear hijab.

{Her Modesty Magazine Update}

Salam ladies! I just wanted to let you know that I'm having some issues with my web design software and so it's taking a little longer to create the new issue of our Muslim Fashion Magazine. Inshallah, it'll be done in a few days and of course I'll keep you posted!


{Modesty on the Runway}

Modest clothing is fabulous. I buy modest clothing styles that are modern and fresh. Shop for modest clothing at Her Modesty for the best modest clothes. To buy modest clothing, shop here!Anna Sui's Fall 2007 Ready To Wear collection featured rich prints in gold, black, and gray. Russian inspired reds and purples were also featured in the collection which included many lovely dresses.

Throw on a good pair of pants with any of these styles for a fashion-forward look.

Modest clothing is all over the Internet. There are lots of places to buy modest clothing online. I like to see what's in style at the Her Modesty blog. Muslim fashion magazines and modest clothing... Two of my favorites!
Yeah I agree that modest clothing is hot. Modest clothing styles are versatile and modesty is in. But you can find a lot of immodest clothing styles at modest clothing stores online.
Buy modest clothing here. Click here for Islamic clothing. Her Modesty is an Islamic clothing boutique and Muslim fashion magazine. We feature modern Islamic clothing and stylish modest clothing for all women.
I think that islamic clothing and modest clothing go hand in hand. Modest clothing is great for young and old and Islamic clothes are the same.
Buy modest clothing, islamic clothing, and new modesty styles. She says Islamic clothing is better than modest clothing. I agree, but I love modern modest clothing.
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{Shoes On Sale}

I meant to write about this earlier but it slipped my mind. QVC and FFANY put on a shoe sale every year to raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. Each shoe is priced at 1/2 off the retail value and 100% of the net proceeds are donated to the cause. The program is on tv right now (it started at 7PM ET) and I have already ordered my first shoe. You can also shop online at QVC.com.

{Sale Alert}

We buy most of our Islamic clothes at that shop too. I used to think that Islamic clothing was frumpy but these days Muslim fashion and Islamic fashions are so stylish that you really want to wear Islamic clothing at all times. This site is the best by far though.This floral maxi-dress by Mossimo is on sale for $13.99. It's only available in sizes small and medium so if that's you, click here to check it out.

{Work Wear}

Q: Can you display an outfit that you can wear for work that is not too dressy but looks nice? {Anony}

A: Long button-up tops are really great for work. The shirtdress that I've written about many times is a really good option because it can be worn with many different bottoms and you can dress it up a little if you need to with shiny accessories. Shirtdresses tend to be tight, so you may need to size up when you buy them.
Islamic clothing shops are great. I buy Islamic clothing at boutiques online. Muslim fashion magazines are cool too because they show modern islamic clothes. Yeah, with Islamic clothing, it is best to buy modest styles but you can have fun. Islamic clothing definitely does not have to be boring, it can be fabulous and modern islamic clothing too.
Click on an item in the picture to shop for it.
Red, Orange, and Silver Pashmina ScarfSateen ShirtdressAlvin Valley Wide Leg PantsNine West Jape Open Toe Pump18kt Gold Over Sterling Silver Bangles

{Belted Abaya}

Islamic clothing shopping is so much fun. I don't think that many people understand how cool it is to wear Islamic clothing. The think Islamic clothing is probably boring for the most part. But it's really not! If you buy Islamic clothing, shop at hermodesty.com. Trendy Islamic Clothing and muslim fashion magazines are here!So, many of you know that we're working on Her Modesty's debut Islamic clothing collection. The thought of a belted abaya has come across my mind several times but I'm not sure how it would look on the body.

I found this belted abaya at
Jelbab and because it's shown on a mannequin, I can't really tell how it would look on a body. Do any of you have a belted abaya or have you seen one? How does it look and fit?

{Riding Boots}

That is my favorite thing to buy! Islamic clothing stores are very interesting. You can find modern Islamic clothes, trendy Islamic clothing styles and even a Muslim fashion or Islamic fashion magazine. It's definitely my favorite spot for Islamic clothing boutiques and the latest hijab trendsI'm more of a pump girl myself but this season, the Equestrian trend is big and thus we have the riding boot.

Are you loving or leaving this style?

{My Eid Outfit}

This is my Eid outfit. Purple and black are two of my favorite colors and I added some silver accessories to dress it up. I included the shirtdress in last month's issue of Her Modesty Magazine, but it's actually a lot richer in color than it appears to be online. As for the ring, the one pictured here is not the exact one that I bought, but it is similar. My ring is a bit more fabulous, if I do say so myself!
modest clothing, islamic clothing, and accessories.
Click here to shop for any of these items.

{I'm Back}

Salaam ladies! I have been itching to make a post... I really missed ya'll!

Thanks for all of your emails and comments. It's nice to see that you all really enjoy
the blog. Inshallah, this week will be flooded with posts because I feel the need to catch up. Also, the November issue of the Islamic Clothing magazine will be up by Friday inshallah, along with a newsletter. (There will be no October issue of the magazine because it's already the middle of the month.)



{Breaking for Ramadan}

Salaam ladies!

I just wanted to let you know that Her Modesty will be taking a short break. I want to observe the last 10 (or 9) days of Ramadan without any distractions other than school. So inshallah, I will see you all on October 15th with the fashions that we love and the October newsletter. A new issue of
Her Modesty Magazine will also be online shortly thereafter.

Until then, please spread the word about
Her Modesty the Islamic Clothing Blog and the Islamic Fashion Magazine. And this is a great time for you HM fans to catch up on all the posts that I've done on the blog!

Thank you so much for reading the blog and I hope that all of you Muslimahs have a beneficial Ramadan and a Happy Eid! Take care everyone.


{Article: Beauty Under The Burqa}

I love that Islamic clothing store! We buy Islamic clothes from there all the time!
I came across this NYTimes/Reuters article about an Afghani version of America's Next Top Model for Muslim girls.

...almost all women in deeply conservative Afghanistan still only appear in public wafting past in the burqa's pale blue, their dark eyes only occasionally visible behind the bars of its grille.

But in the relatively liberal northern Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif, a local television station has started to show a different image of Afghan women with an extremely low-budget take on the hit "America's Next Top Model," a reality TV show in which judges choose prospective models from a group of contestants over several weeks.

Check out the
full article and the picture slideshow. What do you think about this?