{Modest Clothing in Spring and Summer}

As every Muslim woman who has shopped for modest clothing in the mall knows, it is a challenge to find modest clothes any time of the year. But, in the Spring/Summer season, it is even more difficult to find modest clothes. This time of year clothes are shorter, tighter, and skimpier and they just do not work for modest Muslimahs.

For the most part, your options are layering many pieces to create a modest outfit (which can be hot), or looking frumpy. Here are some tips that could make it easier to find modest clothes this time of year.

Look for long-sleeved dresses. Even if the dress is not long enough, it can become modest when worn with pants and jeans.

Look for woven fabrics. Knit fabrics like jersey and such tend to cling to the body. Woven clothes will not lay on your body and therefore are a more modest choice.

Most abayas and jilbabs are modest in style but uncomfortable because of the polyester fabric. When buying abayas or jilbabs, think: "the looser the dress, the better". A looser fit will provide even more modesty to your look and it will give your body more room to breathe in warmer weather.