{MSLM: Fashion Mag for Muslimahs}

MSLM is a new glossy fashion magazine for Muslim women. The magazine is based in the Netherlands and together with a showroom called MAMA, MSLM has put on an exhibit featuring modest clothes (well mostly). The clothes featured in the showroom are from H&M, dutch designer Mada Van Gaans, Italian clothier Al Quds, and others. The pieces which include: jeans, a lace catsuit (not very modest in my opinion) and a star-spangled headwrap showcased how Muslim women use "mainstream" clothing to define a brand new sense of Islamic modest style. Check out the video and links below for more info.

"A group of young fashion-minded women, mostly second generation Moslem clearly stands out in our society. MSLM shows the fashion of this group. Because these young women grew up in the Netherlands, because they are Dutch, their background creates a fashion-clash which results in new interesting forms and silhouettes for both Moslem and non-Moslem women. Designers are inspired and influenced by this, use elements of another culture or design custom-fit products. From traditional to trendy, from the Mid-East to the West." Source

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