{Aussie Islamic Designer}

I'm always searching for new Islamic clothing sites. One that I came across recently is an Australian design company called Rayannes Design. I really like their style because it's a good mix of modern fashion, uniqueness, and eastern style. Here are some of my favorites from some of the clothing categories on their website.

The Abaya Shop
Chest Knot 2-Piece Abaya, $89.99(Australian)
This dress is really cute. I love the double layered look. You can create a similar style by pairing a long duster with a long skirt and top, or an abaya.

The Skirt Shop
Grey Flare Skirt, $37.99(Australian)
We all know how big grey is this Fall. This pretty skirt is classic and trendy at the same time and it is absolutely perfect for workwear. Can you see this with a black blazer, boots or pumps, and maybe a pop of color in the hijab? So cute!

The Suit Shop
Velvet Chorded Skirt Suit, $79.99(Australian)
I must admit that I have mixed feelings about this suited look, but, I love the skirt! I'd wear the skirt with a nice pump and a short blazer or cardigan. As for the top, well I'd probably give it away to someone smaller than me because it does look a bit snug.

Overall, I really like
Rayannes Designs. If they weren't so far away, I'd probably order something, but for now, the price tag and shipping would be more than a bit too much. What do you all think?