{Do You Call It Dating?}

Muslim relationships and Islamic relationships are dealt with in Muslim Magazines for women.This isn't related to fashion but it does fit into the scope of Her Modesty Magazine...

Growing up we used the word "courting" for dating and "intended" for fiancé. I'm not sure if these words are universal in the Islamic-American world... So If you don't call it "dating", what do you call it? And if you wouldn't call him your fiancé, what would you call him?

***Just a quick note: It's apparent that some of you think that in the above post, I was implying that Muslims are allowed to date in the sense that we can have boyfriends/girlfriends and all of that. But that's definitely not what I was saying at all. The question that I was trying to ask is that during the time period that you're getting to know a brother for the purpose of marriage, what do you call that period? I'm sure that most of you don't use the word "dating", so I was curious to know what word you use. In the same vein, I wanted to know what some of you call the man that you are planning to marry? Do you call him "The Brother That I'm Planning To Marry" or do you simply call him your "Fiancé"? I know some sisters who use that word and other's who do not. I'm sure that we all know that "dating" in the typical sense of the word is un-Islamic and that being alone with a man who is not your husband is forbidden. But the scope of this question isn't about any of that, so I'm sorry if it confused any of you... :)