{Article on Hijab}

I found this great post in a Myspace blog. It is an article in which a Muslimah talks about the benefits of hijab, how she modestly expresses her sense of style in public, and how she enjoys getting dolled up for her husband and family to enjoy...

'There is an Islamic saying, "God is Beautiful and He loves Beauty." As a Muslim woman, I am required to be beautiful, fresh and perfumed, but only for my husband, and especially at night in the privacy of the bedroom...I still straighten my hair...My husband, brothers and my girlfriends are the only ones who can peak under the scarf.'

In another excerpt, the hijabi talks about her love for fashion and how hijab can be a fun accessory.

'Ironically, wearing the hijab and adding layers of clothing has allowed me to express my creativity through fashion. I always buy fashion magazines to check out the latest styles. As a hijabi, I have incorporated my keen fashion sense into a kind of hijabi, Western-style dress.'

You can read the entire post
here. Enjoy!