{Modest Fit Tips}

Most long skirts come at a length of 36". So, if you're 5'6 (like me) or taller, you probably have a hard time finding skirts that are long enough.

What you'll want to do is look for skirts in a Tall option. Typically the length on a Tall long skirt will be between 37" and 40".

When shopping online, always check for measurements. To find the perfect skirt length for you, just measure the length of one of your skirts that fits you well. Or measure from your waist (or hip depending on where you want the skirt to sit), down to either the top of your foot or the floor. This should ensure that your skirt will be long enough with your shoes on.

...Meanwhile, take a look at this skirt from Torrid.com. Torrid sells trendy plus-size clothing. I'm showing this skirt because it is a full skirt and at 38" long, it gives the added length that some of us need.

Black Long Crinkle Skirt
You may also want to check out the Huge Savings at the Torrid.com Clearance section. They've got wide leg pants at $20 and lots of other great stuff... Enjoy!