{Cairo Hijab Trends}

An article written in the Christian Science Monitor describes how young Muslimahs in Cairo, Egypt layer colorful sequined and laced headscarves to make unique hijab styles.

Excerpt: "When she's not watching Egyptian fashion TV, Ms. Mohammed is checking out what other young Muslim women are wearing on the street or on the subway... Mohammed is like a growing number of young Muslim women in Egypt who have taken to transforming the hijab, the Islamic head dress, from tradition to fashion statement."

Some people don't like it that some Muslim women use their hijab to make fashion statements, but to me it's like: I have to cover my body - so I wear nice clothing; I have to cover my hair - so I wear a pretty scarf. Of course there is a spiritual relevance to the hijab, but in terms of appearance, it's just a part of my outfit... so why not make it match?

I do however, disagree with one statement in the article which says that girls use different hijab styles as a way "to attract eyes of the young men". By no means, should hijab be used for the purpose of attracting men's attention - that just defeats the whole concept of hijab. So yeah, I think that you can express yourself with your hijab, by matching it to your outfit and whatnot but if you're trying to be the gaudiest, most highly-decorated hijabi, maybe you should think about your intentions in doing so.

Aside from looking constrictive and a little weird, that hijab kinda looks like a camel's hump on her head. Click here for more pics.