You may have seen the How To Wear Hijab Videos on YouTube by an Islamic Clothing shop called MuslimBase. MuslimBase's videos are pretty recognizable because instead of a Muslimah presenting the hijab style, a guy is the one doing the pinning.

Shop for Islamic Clothing here at Her ModestyAbout two weeks ago they shipped several lovely scarves to me. One style that they sent is a new scarf that I think is exclusive to them. It's called an Igal hijab and it features a braid at the front of the scarf and two ties at the back that secure the scarf on your head.

I must say that the Igal hijab is nothing new to me. My mother actually used to make us hijabs that included two ties at the back to secure the scarf instead of using pins. But, if you've never seen one, check out the video below. You can also
click here to see more hijabs at MuslimBase.com.