{Twelve By Twelve}

So everyone has been waiting to see what Forever 21's big sister "Twelve By Twelve" would have to offer. They launched the site this morning and I must say that I am a bit underwhelmed at the selection. - Maybe that's because I'm looking at the collections through "modest eyes".

There were a lot of mid-thigh-length dresses which are typically great for us to wear as tops. But from the pictures, it seems that the dresses are also a bit snug so they may not be so ideal. Anyhoo, here is one dress that I did find to be a great option for Hijabinistas:

Finally, there is this vintage-inspired animal print coat that caught my eye. What can I say? I have a thing for animal prints. I'm not so big on faux fur though so I'll have to pass this one up. It is cute though.