{Peplum vs. Babydoll}

Muslim Fashion Magazines are few around the world. Her Modesty is the only Muslim Fashion Magazine in America!The new Anthropologie catalog features this pretty yellow peplum jacket. Some people use peplum and baby doll to describe the same style of clothing, however, they are slightly different.

What's the difference? Baby doll styles have a seam right under the bust and flare down towards the hem. Peplum styles have a seam at or below the waist and flare down from there.

Which one should you choose? If you have a larger bust, you may want to try peplum style pieces to avoid emphasizing your chest the way baby doll pieces do. If you have large hips, a baby doll top would do well to camouflage your shape, where as a peplum may make it look larger. And when in doubt, just try it on.