{Shopping at MANA}

So, MANA held it's very first convention over the last 3 days. It was nice, alhamdulillah. You can check out more about the organization at their website: mana-net.org.

On to the fashion of it all! There weren't any Muslim fashion designers there (unless I missed them) but there were some importers and I was so excited to find this one sister who had abayas from Dubai. I may be a little obsessed with
Dubai abayas, but the pictures that I have seen of them are so pretty and I really wanted one.

Anyhoo... I actually bought 2 abayas (each came with a matching scarf) for only $35 each! Now, this is amazing to me because every nice abaya that I have seen over in Philly or Jersey City costs around $50-$60. The brands are Al-Karam which is from Jordan and Lahai from Dubai! Inshallah, I'll take pictures of them because they are really nice.

I also purchased 2 mesh-type scarves for $5 each. One is an animal-print with lace and the other is black with gold sequins. The sister that I bought all of this from has an online shop called
Middle East Fashion. She is from Florida, so she came all the way up to Philadelphia for the convention and I'm really glad she did... Check out her online shop and if you are looking for something more specific, you can call her directly.