{Islamic Clothing for Work}

Islamic clothing: White suit

Styling Islamic clothing for work can be a little tricky. You don't want to wear a glittery, shiny abaya because that's a bit much for the office. But you also can't fall back on long sleeve tees and denim skirts because they're a little too casual. So how can you build a wardrobe of Islamic clothing for work?

Here are 3 work-appropriate essentials:

1. A simple black abaya. I've said it before that a simple black abaya is the Muslim woman's little black dress. With so many different scarves, fabulous shoes, and colorful accessories, your abaya will take you through plenty of work days. You can style it a different way every day of the week.

2. A skirt suit. Finding a long skirt and matching jacket is not easy. So you'll need to piece your suit together. Shop for a black long skirt made in a nice gabardine. This is the same fabric that most skirt-suits are made of. If you can't find a jacket that perfectly matches the color of your skirt, go for contrasting colors like white, British tan, and even pink. Any fabric will do as long as the blazer looks neat and professional.

3. Next up, you'll need a pantsuit. Once again, you'll probably need to purchase the pants and jacket separately. Pants are easy to come by, so I'm sure you already have a great pair of work trousers. For the jacket, look for one that is knee length and made of a crisp, lightweight fabric.

I hope these tips will make dressing for a work a little easier for Islamic clothing fashionistas.