{Muslim Fashion Magazine Updates}

So, inshallah I plan to post about the different stages involved in creating this Muslim fashion magazine. But, first I'd like to thank you sisters for the support (i.e. the subscriptions)! My sisters and I are actually putting the magazine together and I'd like to introduce you to them over the next week.

First up, I'll introduce you to me. As you know my name is Kima, but you may not have seen a picture of me before... So, here I am! I am a student, a wife, a mother, and most importantly a Muslimah.

I started Her Modesty (formerly, Precious Modesty) because I wanted to become a fashion designer of Islamic clothing - which is still a goal of Her Modesty as a brand. The concept actually came to me a little over a year ago, but at the time, I was not prepared to launch a collection. So, last winter, I started this blog and since then a lot of things have happened (good things!) that have lead to the creation of the first US-based fashion magazine for Muslimahs!

My goal with Her Modesty is to display how sisters can be covered but yet still feel good about themselves and how they look. All of the pictures will feature hijab - although we know that some sisters don't wear it. We just feel that it's important to present a magazine that is truely about the covered modern woman. It will be unlike any other Muslim magazine that you've seen. And I can't tell you why because... well you know! Inshallah, when you get your mag in January, you'll see exactly what I mean. :)