{Muslims In America Contest}

One Nation is running a contest wherein American Muslims submit short films for a chance to win $5,000. The voting period ends tonight, so if you're interested in seeing all of the films, be sure to visit the site and vote for your favorites. Here are some of the ones that feature a hijab theme:

Durrah and Amasa
by Fatima Ashaela Ibrahim

This film features two animated Muslimahs talking about hijab. It's an adorable little film and I hope to see more from this sister.

America's Next Top Muslim Model
by Safiyyah

You guessed it! This film is about a modeling competition... The filmmaker states that "This film breaks the stereotype of Muslim women being weak and oppressed." In all honesty, it's not that profound at all, but it's still amusing to watch. (Albeit immodest. Check out the poses!)

The Look
by Mahin Ibrahim

This film is about a young Muslimah who decides to wear hijab on the day that she gets interviewed for a coveted job. I think that there are a lot of Muslim women out there who don't wear hijab because they fear that they'll miss out on some career opportunities. My message to them is that nothing can hold you back from what Allah intends for you. So, wear your hijab and go for yours! :o)

Ms. Judgments
by Wajahat Ali

I think this film is a kitsch little reminder to Muslimahs that we shouldn't be so judgmental of each other's appearance.

Visit this link for more videos about hijab and as always comment with your thoughts.