{Old Navy's Cinch-Waist Shirt}

For Islamic Fashion, visit Her Modesty's Muslim fashion magazine.Right now, Old Navy is selling a really great shirt style for Muslimahs. It's a long, button-front shirt with a cinched-in waist. Now, I know the word "cinched" doesn't usually equal modesty, but the belt can be completely loosened so that there is no cinching at all. The picture on the left, is not the exact shirt that I'm referring to, but I wanted to show you what the cinched-waist looks like.

For some reason, you can't buy the shirts online right now, but I strongly suggest that you head to your local Old Navy store to snatch up a few of these tops before they're gone. They come in 4 or 5 colors and cost about $30... Enjoy!

NOTE: By the way, in case any of you were confused about my "Do You Call It Dating?" post, please scroll down to read the message that I added to the post.