Asalamualaykum ladies!

I hope everyone's doing well. :o)

It's been a really busy week for me. Some good things have happened and some not-so-good things have happened. But, Allah knows best so I'm taking it all in stride.

First the not-so-good news. So, back in December, I hired a company to revamp hermodesty.com to allow for readers to log in and view the magazine (we all know it's an online mag by now right?). I was told that the job would take 2 weeks. Well, it's now the end of February and they told me that about 50% of the work was done.

Moving on, I found a new company and inshallah, the site will be done by March 5th. I'm really sorry to keep you all waiting so long for the magazine. I hope you will still support it when it comes out because it will still be Winter when the issue is uploaded to the new site inshallah. :o)

I also have a poll for you guys. I've been wondering about how people spell certain words. You know how our words are Arabic and so when you write them in English, it's just a transliteration and so there are many different ways of how people spell Arabic words in English. So, how do you spell the word "hijab"?