{Covered Seduction}

I think that we all agree that Muslim women can wear pretty much whatever we want as long as it covers the appropriate body parts. But, I also think that modesty is more than just what you wear -- It's also about how you carry yourself.

I started thinking about this because lately, I've been seeing a lot of pictures of Muslim women in niqab who have heavy eyeliner and makeup on. In addition to the makeup, a lot of the Muslim women in the pictures are deliberately being seductive in how they "pose" their eyes.

To me, that just defeats the purpose of hijab. If you're trying to be modest so that you are hiding your beauty, why put on a seducing, "Stare Into My Eyes" face? (ANTM fans know that "smile with your eyes" thing.)

And then there are the pictures of Muslim women with their bodies posed in a sexy way. Take a look at the picture below and tell me what you think about all of this.

Islam and Muslim women in pictures.