On yesterday's "Muslimah Dilemma" show, the topic was about this new policy in England which states that medical professionals must roll their sleeves up to their elbows while working with patients. The new policy is being dubbed "Bare Below The Elbows" and the supposed purpose of this policy is to "stop the spread of deadly superbugs [germs]."

When the show first started, I thought to myself that at least this policy wasn't enacted
just to make things hard for Muslim women. But the huge impact that it is having on us, is undeniable.

Our hijabi sisters who choose Islam over the new policy are having a hard time. They are being suspended from their jobs. They are being forced out of medical school. And what's more is that the media is now spreading this ridiculous notion that Muslims - who wash their arms at least 5 times a day for wudhu - are not hygienic! (See the article: "
Female Muslim Medics 'Disobey Hygiene Rules'" for more on that ridiculousness.)

One of the sisters on the show was an ultrasound technician who was actually suspended from work for several weeks because she would not roll up her sleeves. While she was out of work, she was able to compile evidence that proves that covering the arms is
better than exposing them when it comes to stopping the spread of germs. Alhamdulillah, she was able to get her job back AND keep her sleeves down.

It is evident that this new "Bare Below The Elbows" policy was enacted so that hospitals can
seem to be more clean in the eyes of the public. Yes, that's right! It's about perception and there is no actual data that proves that rolling up your sleeves stops the spread of germs.

The other guests on Muslimah Dilemma implored Muslimahs in the medical field to stick to Islamic guidelines without compromising. I agree that that's what they should do because in every situation, pleasing Allah is better than complying with meritless policies.

Pray, educate yourself so that you can tactfully stand up for your rights, and be patient. This too shall pass, inshallah.

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