Yay! More than one Hijab Approved™ sale! This one is for Silhouettes which sells a lot of very hijab friendly clothing in plus sizes.

We Love Hijab is a hijab fashion magazine and islamic clothing blog for Muslim women.One piece that I love is this very necessary Poplin Big Shirt.

Perfect for work with wide leg pants or even a skirt. And it comes in so many colors! I am not exactly plus-size but I think I'll be ordering the XL just to see how it fits.

A long time ago, we were talking about the fact that when I find something that is a really good hijab-friendly piece, I'll buy it in every color. This top is a great example of that because it's really affordable -under $30 or under $25 if you buy at least 2 - and it's so versatile. You can wear it with jeans, pants, skirts, even fancy dresses a la Sharon Stone.