I just got the new Chadwick's catalog in the mail and here are some of my Hijab Approved™ favorites:

Hijab and islamic clothing for muslim women.
Hollywood Glamour Dress, $39. I love all the juicy colors that this dress comes in. Wearing options include dress pants and a short blazer for a classic look OR jeans and a long-sleeve tee for a more eclectic style. I'd probably do a silky hijab with this one to compliment the fabric of the dress.

We Love Hijab displays Islamic and modest clothes for Muslim women in the US.
Wide-Leg Trouser, $29. These are essential to any hijab conscious wardrobe - especially if you're a working girl. Of course they're great with shirt-dresses and long tops, but you can also wear them under abayas for extra leg coverage... Please don't wear jeans with a nice abaya! - No offense.

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Bell Sleeve Blazer, $59.99. You probably know this by now, but I just love these type of jackets with abayas. It's just a really modern way to accessorize Our Little Black Dress.

Muslim women love hijab and I love this coat!
Safari Trench Coat, $59.99. Spring trends always include safari style, but unfortunately, a lot of the safari-inspired pieces are too short or too tight for Muslim women to wear. This trench coat is a perfect alternative to the not-so-hijab-approved styles.