We Love Hijab's Modesty Makeover featuring Gisele Bundchen in a plaid jacket, dark jeans, tall brown boots and brown bag
I really like this look. In the pic, Gisele is wearing a glen plain bomber jacket, dark skinny jeans tucked into tall boots, and a matching bag. To make it modest, I choose a babydoll style trench jacket, wide leg jeans, and a cream-colored pashmina for the hijab. Tip: Tucking jeans into your boots is a "hijab don't" because it exposes the shape of your leg... so wear the jeans long - which is more chic anyway in my opinion.

Plaid Trench Coat: Karlie, $99
Wide Leg Jeans: ON, $16.49
River Bend Boot, Tribeca, $69.95
Patchwork Leather Murana Bag: Hype, $137.99
Pashmina Hijab: Peach Couture, $9.95